Motion Shading was conceived to showcase the finest luxury window shading products from the industry’s leading manufacturers on real windows, backed by extensive expertise in the latest technology, and installed to an exacting standard.  There is simply no better environment for comparing all of the thousands of options that we offer, or to get better advice, than at our centrally located design showroom.  For nearly two decades, our talented team has worked hard at being the best, with professional design, installation, and service, all in-house.  As one of the largest residential automated shading providers in the Southeast, we are a regional resource for architects and designers, and we take our role to inform and educate seriously, often assisting other dealers with large or complex projects.  Another unique aspect of our offering is that we work with more than six of the world’s most technology and fashion-forward manufacturers, not just one or two.  Every manufacturer has strengths and weaknesses, at varying price points, and since we are not biased towards anything except the truth, we can lead you to the perfect solution.  

In order to be the best in the marketplace, we strive to consistently deliver excellence in the three key areas:

  • Design world-class, luxury systems that are high-performance, reliable, and most importantly, easy-to-use.
  • Provide unsurpassed customer service to our clients. Period.
  • Always act in the best interest of our clients as their trusted technology consultant.

We have made it our mission and our passion to excel at these three pillars of our business.

Over the years, our growth has been fueled by the innovative and exceptional quality work that we perform and the satisfaction of our clients. Our clients consistently reward our staff, unmatched service, and honest advice with amazing reviews and referrals to their friends and family.

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