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Make amazing first impressions on your clients with automated window treatments. Not only do their ease of use and uniform movements make a statement, but they also increase productivity by raising and lowering via set schedules and scenes that you can pre-program. Luxury shading materials can cut back on monitor glare, retain your view, and ensure privacy in your meetings. Your conference room presentations will never be washed out by the sun again, and your corner office won’t turn into an oven with the right shading system. You can keep your overhead low as well through the right window treatments that help regulate the amount of heat and cold coming through your windows.

Conference Room Automatic Window Shades

Block glare and heat from the sun during a presentation.

Conference Room

Whether you’re pitching to investors, making a presentation, or conducting a videoconference with a client on the other side of the world, the right lighting could make or break the experience.

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The right window fashions will increase productivity by reducing glare on your computer and presentation screen. They will also give you the needed privacy gor conducting an interview, meeting with a client, or addressing HR issues.

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Picture of high-rise corner office automatic shades

Keep the view you’ve earned without the harsh light.


People go to restaurants to enjoy a good meal and have a pleasant time with loved ones. Having the sun directly in their eyes is never part of the plan. The right window fashions also enhance the ambiance and decor. And if your location is surrounded by beautiful views, we can help you preserve them while still ensuring the comfort of patrons.

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Add to the dramatic effect of beautiful views by framing them with the right automated window treatments. Enhance the personality of your hotel. Improve your insulation. Add a touch of luxury that allows guests to sleep in completely blacked-out rooms that ensure their privacy. When it comes to installing window treatments for your hospitality business, both the reasons and the possibilities are endless.

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