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Luxury dining experiences are all about the people sitting at the table. Great food, service, and environments should be seamlessly woven together. That means paying attention to every detail without getting in their way. An amazing meal can be easily tarnished by sunlight pouring directly into your patrons’ eyes. Taking your staff away from their tables to lower shades can further complicate the dining experience as well. The last thing you want is for a customer to question why they came to your establishment.

With automated window shades, you can cover all of your windows at once with the touch of a button. Our Lutron and Crestron motorized shades are incredibly quiet and can take care of the harsh sunlight without diners ever noticing.

In addition, lowering your shades during the hotter parts of the year will result in keeping energy costs down; so you end up with happy guests and more money in your bank account. The best part is you don’t even have to remember to do this yourself. You can set your motorized shades to raise and lower depending on the time of day through a smartphone app.

Automated shades provide high-tech solutions for all manner of unsafe and ugly manual cords, making your decor look and function like the high-end establishment you are.

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