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The busiest times for a restaurant are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unfortunately, these are also the times of day you have to deal with the harshest sunlight. Great dining experiences are all about the people sitting at the table. Delicious food and impeccable service create ideal settings for your customers to catch up with old friends, conduct business, or simply have a date with their spouses. As a restauranteur, you want to control your environment as much as possible to minimize intrusions on these intimate moments. Your windows shouldn’t work against you. Motion Shading’s automated window treatments from Lutron and Crestron not only operate with incredibly quiet motors but also have scheduling options so that you don’t have to worry about sunlight ruining your patrons’ meal.


Restaurants have lots of moving parts. You’re responsible for the safety of both your staff and guests. Sometimes you’re entertaining parents and their children who are an added challenge to an already busy environment. Motion Shading’s automated window treatments reduce the potential risk of harm to these tiny guests by eliminating dangling cords. This also means that your shades are less likely to be damaged by curious kids attempting to manually raise or lower them as well.

Customized Solutions

Restaurants benefit from automation in almost every area. Motion Shading is uniquely positioned to help you build an automation system for your entire business. Our sister company works with Lutron, Crestron, Savant, and a multitude of other manufacturers in the AV and lighting industries. We know how to program and network your shades on large automation systems so that everything runs smoothly through the same app. We will either set up your entire system or integrate any piece you choose into an existing one.

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