Lutron® Palladiom Shades

Lutron® Palladiom Shades are roller shades that truly represent the Lutron® commitment to inventive light control with thoughtful, working design and motorization that improves the interiors homes, businesses, and industries far and wide.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are best known for their cost-effective function and design. They cover your windows with a layer of fabric, diffusing the natural light that enters your home for comfortably lit and insulated interiors. Roller shades protect your furniture and floors from fading and keep out bothersome sun glare. They are the most economical of shades, providing the light control and privacy homeowners need with a trim but graceful design that allows them to be placed throughout the home.

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    Why Lutron® Automatic Shades

    The history of Lutron® is based on science. Founded by a physicist, the company’s goal has always been to manipulate light in an innovative, accessible way. Lutron® has carefully considered customers’ many light control needs – from computer-designed blueprints to the final product, Lutron® redefines the modern window shade. With industry-leading motorization technology, one-touch operating systems, and personalized light control, Lutron® shades elevate your interiors by beautifully manipulating light.



    Lutron® Palladiom Shading Systems

    Palladiom Wired Shading System and the Palladiom Wire-free Shading System are exposed bracket shading systems designed for interior luxury. Lutron® has developed these automatic shades by combining their trademark technology with high quality materials and fine craftmanship. They can be installed without a fascia, pocket, or recess in exposed applications and are beautifully engineered to complement your interiors from top to bottom with their performance fabrics, decorative hardware, and exceptional operating systems.

    All Lutron® Palladiom Shades come in over 200 fabrics with opacities ranging from sheer to room-darkening. The fabric drop can be in the form of a regular roll (in which fabric pulls from underneath the roll) or as a reverse roll (in which fabric draws downward from over the top of the roll), depending on the fabric and the customer’s preference. The shades can be mounted inside or outside the window frame to be placed in many different spaces, all with minimal light gaps.

    Lutron® Palladiom Wired Shading System and Lutron® Palladiom Shade installation near Atlanta, Georgia (GA)

    Hardware Options

    Lutron® has engineered every part of these shades stunning, including the hand-finished hardware. Center and end brackets can be mounted to a wall or ceiling, and jamb brackets suspend the shade in the air. Decorative covers conceal wiring for a streamlined silhouette and clutter-free window frame. The hembar can be uncovered, fabric wrapped, or sealed to give these shades their finished look and smooth operation; the thin aluminum bar is elegantly curved to match the roll diameter at the top of the shade. Together, the light-diffusing fabrics and polished hardware of Lutron® Palladiom Shades let them stay true to a sleek, minimalistic aesthetic that makes them suitable for a multitude of architectural styles.


    Lutron® Palladiom Wire-free Shading System and automatic shades from Motion Shading near Atlanta, Georgia (GA)

    The Lutron® Pallodium Wire-free Shading System operates quietly and effortlessly with Active Energy Optimization. This battery motorization technology is developed for maximum efficiency and long-lasting use that conserves energy and money. Battery management is so efficient, traditional alkaline batteries will only need to be replaced every three to five years, and replacement is easy: simply pull out the battery tray and switch old batteries for fresh ones.

    Conveniently operate your Lutron® Palladiom Shades with the Palladiom keypad, a tactile backlit keypad that lets you instantly choose “Shades Open” or “Shades Closed”. The custom engraved buttons are embedded in a wall plate of the same material and let you instantly position your shades. Integrate your favorite ambiences with preset controls for “dining”, “entertaining”, and “evening”. Lutron® Palladiom Shades will move in tandem with one another for a completely orchestrated experience.

    Including the Palladiom Thermostat

    The Palladiom Shading System also includes the Palladiom thermostat. Homeowners can set the temperatures of their rooms and control their lighting on one device. The Palladium thermostat also features the Lutron® Dynamic Backlight Management™ with a wide screen for a user-friendly interface. Use in conjunction with the Palladiom keypad and Lutron® Connect app to manage your lights, shades, and temperatures even when away from home.

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