Custom Window Shade Pocket

A custom window shade pocket allows you to maintain aesthetic consistency within a room by encasing a window shade inside a custom-made pocket that uses trim consistent with that which is being installed around the window casing.  For minimal cost, this option allows your designer to customize the look of the valence which shrouds the shade’s operating  mechanism.  A detailed step-by-step walkthrough makes it easy for your trim carpenter to work with Motion Shading by following written guidelines to ensure that the final installed product will meet the shade manufacturer’s specifications for installation. 

Standardizing the Work

The Motion Shading design team has developed an easy-to-follow Trim Carpenter Guide that walks your trim contractor through each step that is required to make a custom shade pocket that will work well with the products that we install.  The guide includes annotated color figures that can be printed out and brought to the job site to ensure that the contractor can deliver you a great looking trim solution that will encase your new shade and match the window trim style you have chosen.

Infinitely Flexible Style

Since a custom window shade pocket allows you to customize the valence by adding any style of trim to the outside of the shade pocket, there is no limit to the different types of finished looks that can be achieved.  Whether your window trim is styled for a contemporary, transitional, or traditional look, the shade pocket can be wrapped and finished in a way that can fit each of those styles.  The valence can be painted or stained to match any color or natural wood grain that is desired, which can further enhance the appearance of your final installed product.

Adding Value without Significant Additional Cost

Whether you choose to install a custom shade pocket or not, your trim carpenter is going to be installing trim around the window casing.  The additional time and material costs to wrap a wooden box with the same trim that is already scheduled to be installed around that window and then subsequently painted or stained, along with the rest of the trim, is marginal compared to the value that is created by blending in the valance with the surrounding decorative trim in the same room.  With the elimination of a decorative valance that would normally accompany the shade assembly, the total additional costs are comparable to a traditional shade installation.

Design Limitations

Not all automated shade designs are compatible with options for custom shade pocket installations.  The shade must be eligible for pocket installation for this option to be available.  Ask your Motion Shading sales representative if this option is a good fit for your project! 

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