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Motion Shading can integrate with existing networks for home automation or set one up for you.

So many of the latest innovations to enhance modern living are “connected” in nature. Whether it’s silent motor technology, voice controls or integration with a larger control system platform, automated window treatments are certainly pushing the limits of today’s technology. The skillset to be called an automated window treatment expert today is completely different than it was just 10 or 15 years ago.

App control automated shades


To enable app controls or to have Alexa raise a shade, the shade controller needs to talk to the rest of the home’s networked devices. If every network were the same, this wouldn’t be terribly difficult. In reality, that’s far from the case. The ability to successfully configure a client’s network requires a familiarity with a wide variety of networking products. This kind of skillset requires advanced knowledge of networks that can only come from experience.

Power and wiring

There are plenty of battery-operated shades on the market. But if you want to unlock the full potential of a shading system, the most powerful motors on the market can only be powered with a wire. Similarly, communication to the shades can be done wirelessly, but the most advanced forms of communication take place over a wire. Needless to say, there is immense knowledge required to be able to configure a shading system so everything works together properly, especially in large installations.

Adding a shading controller

Crestron control systems

The basic method of controlling a shade is by pairing a simple remote control to it. If you have a large residence or a commercial property, you need a much more powerful shade control system to manage it all. Lutron, Crestron, Screen Innovations, Progressive Screens, and Insolroll all offer some form of advanced shade controls that require proper wiring and knowledge to set it up. In the case of Lutron and Crestron, this control system is very powerful because not only can it control shades but also lighting, thermostats, and even AV.

The experts at Motion Shading have immense knowledge of networks, power, wiring, and control systems that none of our competitors can match. We started business in 2001 as a home and business automation company. We entered the shading business over 10 years ago when our owner Steve Schnugg purchased automated window shades for his Midtown Atlanta condo. The process working with a traditional window shading provider was so painful, Steve knew there was a need in this market for a company with advanced technical knowledge, and that’s when Motion Shading was born. Today, Steve operates both Motion Shading and sister company, a luxury home automation specialist, so there is no system too large or complex for our combined team.

If you’ve spoken with a traditional window shading company, you probably know they are not experts at networking, power, wiring and how to control it all.

That’s why we say: Traditional window shading companies are not experts at automation. We Are.

If you’re interested in seeing our expertise at work in real windows come by our showroom in Buckhead. We take appointments and drop-ins Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 10:30 am to 5 p.m.

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