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At Motion Shading, we pride ourselves on not only knowing our shading systems inside and out but, on teaching our clients about the best options available for their specific needs. Part of the way we do this is by not only telling you about the available shades but also by showing you the shades in action on real windows in our showroom. In order to give you the best demonstrations we have an entire wall dedicated to one of the most popular brands in shading; Hunter Douglas. We only carry the top-tier collections from Hunter Douglas and make sure you see what makes them such a good choice for your window shade automation. 

Popular Styles

Our Hunter Douglas collections come in multiple styles with various capabilities for your home. The Silhouette and Pirouette collections create beautiful lines in your windows that can match traditional and modern aesthetics. Each collection allows you to filter light through your windows by combining sheer sheets with adjustable fabric vanes.  


Hunter Douglas Silhouettes

Silhouettes use sheer fabric on the front and back of the vanes which diffuses the harshness of the incoming light without diminishing its usefulness. Natural light can make your home feel alive every day, but the UV rays can severely damage your furniture and flooring over time. Some might worry that using three layers of fabric may seem like it can overload your windows and block too much of the view. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Sheer fabrics come in various degrees of light diffusion. As such, Silhouette vanes by Hunter Douglas are cut to ensure a wide range of light options for your personal taste. The “S” shaped curve of the vane fabric allows for the degree of their angle to vary slightly and broadly giving you precision control over the light for your home. 


Hunter Douglas Pirouettes-Vanes

Pirouette vanes are attached to a single sheet of sheer fabric and adjust in a different way. Rather than incorporating an “S” shape, Pirouette vanes curve in a half-moon shape and adjust the amount of light diffusion by expanding and contracting. Their fabric vanes create thicker lines compared to the Silhouettes which can work in homes that may benefit aesthetically from their size. 

Both Silhouettes and Pirouettes adjust their vanes and move the entire shade up and down in order to provide the perfect amount of light for your home. The vanes also provide you with privacy or room darkening options on top of always having the option to raise or lower them. 

Roman Shades

Hunter Douglas roman-shades-top-down-bottom-up

Another popular group of window treatments from Hunter Douglas is their roman shades. These shades can move up and out of the way like the Silhouettes and Pirouettes, but rather than working with vanes they use single sheets of fabric (with a large number of textures and colors to choose from) that stack as they rise.

Some roman shades are available with an independent liner, which is useful for those who want privacy or blackout options on top of the sheer capabilities. The sheer fabric is used for your window treatment and décor while the liner remains hidden until you need it. Another aspect of roman shades that sets them apart from other styles is their top-down/bottom-up capability. This means that they not only rise from the bottom of your window but also lower from the top which can give you privacy while also allowing plenty of light into your home. 

See It Work Before You Purchase

Hunter Douglas at Motion Shading Showroom

Our showroom was built with one principle in mind: you shouldn’t buy window treatments without first seeing them in real working conditions. Our staff will walk you through the process step-by-step ensuring that you get the right shades for your home. You’ll work with the same boutique staff members the entire time, and we won’t pressure you to buy a particular brand or style. We’re experts in window treatments and automation which means we aren’t going to try to sell a specific manufacturer’s styles or options if they aren’t right for you. 

However, we won’t pressure you to buy a particular brand or style. We’re experts in window treatments and automation which means we aren’t going to try to sell you a specific manufacturer’s styles or options if they aren’t right for you. Plus, you’ll work with the same boutique staff members the entire time. 

We are a dealer for multiple top-tier shading providers and know the pros and cons of each. We’ll teach you about them and let you make the decision that best suits you. If you’ve already dabbled in automating your home, or this is a first step we’re the best system integrators in the Southeast. We make sure that a shading system isn’t a complicated addition to your life and that you’ll always have someone to help if any problems arise.

Schedule an appointment with one of our expert staff or feel free to drop by the showroom between 10 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday, or 10:30 am and 5 pm on Saturdays. 

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