Control Incoming Light with Hunter Douglas Duolite® Roller Shades

The Motion Shading team is proud to be featuring Duolite® technology from Hunter Douglas in our Buckhead showroom. This technology has been engineered by Hunter Douglas to provide you more control of incoming light throughout the day as the sun changes intensity levels. For the popular roller shade style that is commonplace in many modern or contemporary living spaces, this technology replaces the more costly option of purchasing dual roller systems. Duolite® roller systems are a roll within a roll, where a secondary liner is hidden within the primary tube, allowing for the lowest profile dual roller system available on the commercial market.

Light Control for Less Cost

When the sun is streaking through your east-facing windows in the early morning, your decorative sheer or light filtering privacy fabrics will allow the sun to fill your bedroom with light. One solution to reduce the light coming into your room is to have a shade solution that uses two separate fabrics – one solid fabric to blackout or darken the room and a second fabric that allows light to pass through. Hunter Douglas’ Duolite® roller shade technology allows just this type of thoughtful design.

Traditionally, shade manufacturers have relied on the need to have multiple operating systems (i.e. motors, manual clutch, etc.) to achieve the type of control that the Hunter Douglas Duolite® technology offers. With Duolite®, a liner is able to be combined with the room facing decorative fabric within the same operating system, which saves on cost and offers a low profile solution for controlling incoming light.

Design Comparison – Dual Rollers versus Duolite®

Comparing the Duolite® roller system to its competition, you will quickly notice that the size of the mechanism and surrounding fascia is much smaller. This is credited to the fact that the fabrics are both fully contained within one tube system when rolled up into the fully open position. This also allows for a tight gap between both fabrics, which is ideal.

The low-profile Duolite® roller system

In comparison, dual roller systems literally require twice the tubes and twice the mechanisms, which both take up more space and add extra cost. There are certainly times where this dual roll design solution is better suited than the Duolite® roller system, but in cases where both systems would fulfill your needs, the Hunter Douglas option adds another design idea for your living space!

Dual roller designs feature two separate rolls, which do offer independent control of each fabric roll with the drawback that the extra roll takes up more space, which results in a larger fascia.

Design Considerations

What allows the patented the Duolite® roller system to keep its low profile is its ‘roll within a roll’ feature. Your second fabric liner is nominally stored on its own roll tucked inside of the tube that holds the primary decorative fabric. Once the primary fabric is all the way down, then the secondary roll is able to deploy the secondary liner to provide for the room darkening that you desire. One thing that is always the case, due to how the technology is designed to work, the secondary liner is only able to be activated with the primary fabric in the closed position.

Dual roller systems are able to operate both fabrics independently, since they each have their own independent roll and operating system. The Duolite® roller system is one operating system, therefore only one fabric can be controlled at a time and the primary fabric must be fully deployed in its fully down position for the secondary liner to be unrolled.

Size can be a factor, as well, in determining whether the Duolite® roller system is right for you. Wide floor-to-ceiling windows, for example may exceed the size limitations of this technology. Our design professionals can help you determine if this system is right for your application.

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