What Defines Luxury Shades?

Motion Shading provides you with luxury rather than mere functionality when it comes to window treatments.

Luxury is Expertise and Experience

Luxury means having experience at your disposal.

Luxury begins with expertise. We offer multiple top-tier systems, but aren’t beholden to just one of them. We know the strengths and weaknesses of all the available window treatment systems, and can show you the best options for your home or office.

Luxury also comes from experience. Because we have nearly 20 years in the industry, we ask the right questions and know what to look for when determining your shading strategy. Our recommendations are based on your style as well as your windows’ position in relation to the sun and your neighbors’ homes. We show you your best options and can explain why they are the best.

Luxury is Customization

No two homes are alike, nor are any two windows. Customization isn’t simply a matter of finding materials that match your home. It’s also about providing shading systems that are perfectly made for your windows. Luxury means we provide exact measurements for each of your windows and have your shades cut to fit. We provide home visits before ordering your shades, which gives us finalized measurements, and handle installation to ensure the right shades are matched to the correct windows.

Luxury is Automation

Luxury Window Treatments for Traditional Spaces
Luxury shades create the scene you’re looking for.

If you prefer motorized shading systems, our experience and expertise can help you decide between battery operated and wired options. We strive to hide any wires or transformers when possible to give you the best look and service. However, if there’s no way to hide a wire we can easily swap to battery-powered options. We determine the best automation setup for you well before we install so there are no surprises.

Luxury is Two-Way Communication

Motion Shading offers two-way communication with your shade system as well. While you can remote control your shades it’s nice to have feedback from them as well. These systems can tell you if they are open, closed, or running low on battery life; keeping you up to date with your entire home or office. With a glance at your smartphone or digital keypad, you’ll know if any changes need to be made and where to make them.

Luxury is Style

Luxury Window Treatments for Traditional home styles
Luxury is elegance in every style.

Like our shading systems, we have a wide variety of fabrics. Whether it’s Modern, Traditional, Transitional, a High-Rise, or and Outdoor space we help you find the right look. We make our own decisions as to which products are best and pass that knowledge onto you. Depending on the type of shading system you want, we go over the fabric varieties that are available to you with each one. We also give you firsthand style expertise we’ve gathered from almost 20 years working with clients who have exquisite taste.

Luxury is Waiting for You

There’s no project that’s too large or small for us, and our expertise is valuable in any situation. If you’re curious about luxury window treatments, come try our hands-on showroom experience. Call us at (404) 733-6060 or set up an appointment online. We’re located at 2571 Piedmont Road NE Atlanta, GA 30324. Put Motion Shading’s experience and expertise to work for your luxury window treatment needs.