Top-down / Bottom-up options for Hunter Douglas shades

What are top-down bottom-up shades?

The top-down bottom-up shade, or TDBU as we also call them, actually does have a rather straightforward name. These shades are ones that can be opened and closed at both the top, near the valance or the top of the window frame, and at the bottom, near the window sill.

See? The top goes down and the bottom goes up. Thus, top-down bottom-up.

You can find TDBU shades in a variety of styles, from traditional cellular shades that filter out the light to basic pleated shades to elegant roman shades.

How do they work?

Top-down bottom-up shades work almost identically to other corded window coverings. The difference is that TDBU shades have different cords that are attached to two different rails. (FYI: A “rail” is the horizontal bar that you attach to the top of your window. It holds the window treatment up.)

One rail is the mounting rail. This is the same as any other window treatment. This rail has its own cord. When you pull on that cord, it raises the bottom portion of the shade. This is the “bottom-up” portion of the treatment.

The second rail is the floating rail. It has another cord that controls it. When you pull that cord, the floating rail detaches itself from the mounting rail and lowers the top of the shade. This is the “top-down” portion of the treatment.

Is there such a thing as a cordless top-down bottom-up shade?

Our window treatment experts are asked this question a lot. The answer is: yes and no.

Yes, you can find cordless top-down bottom-up shades. These shades will eliminate the dangling cords on the sides of your window treatment. They’ll typically be replaced with tabs that release the top-down portion of the shade. You’ll be able to raise and lower the sections by hand, as you normally would a cordless blind or shade.

Also: No, top-down bottom-up shades aren’t 100 percent cord-free. Right now, there aren’t any TDBU designs that eliminate the strings that connect the floating rail from the mounting rail, which is what allows the top section of the shade to lower.


The ultimate in versatility, Hunter Douglas Top-Down/Bottom-Up window shades and shadings offer you the ability to operate window treatments (including Roman shades, cellular honeycomb shades, and woven wood shades) from the top-down, bottom-up, or in combination to meet all your privacy needs while still giving you access to natural light.


Flexibility: Unlike traditional shades that only open from the bottom up, the Top-Down/Bottom-Up design option lets you customize the exact position of your shades to fit your ideal level of privacy, light control, and comfort.

UV Protection: Even on cloudy days, damaging UV rays can fade and deteriorate your furnishings. With Top-Down/Bottom-Up shades, you can position your shades to block the sun’s harsh rays while still bringing in natural sunlight.

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