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Motion Shading offers various methods of control for window coverings. However, there are a few things to know about shading system remote control capabilities that may not seem all that obvious at first.

Types of Window Coverings: A Brief Overview

Sometimes, when referring to shading options, customers use the term “blinds” as a catch-all for window treatments. However, it’s best to know that there are multiple types of shading, and eventually you will want to know the specific names in order to get the best results for your home or office.

Window treatments or “window coverings” can be blinds, roller shades, roman shades, draperies, or a number of other styles; all of which can be customized and operated manually or automatically. Every treatment can be broken down into thousands of options in material as well as options for privacy, sunlight allowance, and room darkening.

Controlling Your Window Coverings: Automation Options

Perhaps the best place to start in explaining automation is manual versus motorized shades. Obviously, manual shading is reliant upon pulling or twisting a mechanism in the shade yourself. Motorized shading solutions don’t just give you the luxury of opening your treatments with no effort, but also solve the problem of multiple window sets around your home or office that need to be raised and lowered simultaneously or at varying times throughout the day.

Lutron remotes can be mounted to your wall or on pedestals for your nightstands.

Remote Controls

Remote controls are a common way of raising, lowering, and opening window treatments. Their commands are also customizable for your home or office. If your bedroom windows face east, the rising sun can be a great way to gently wake up with the day. However, you may not want your bedroom windows open all night, particularly if your neighbors are also to the East. Simply tapping a button on the remote control at night and again first thing in the morning can allow you both privacy and a bright sunshiny day. Or better yet, schedule a scene for the shade to perform these tasks on its own.

Double roller shades combined in one remote.


Remote control also doesn’t have to mean a new device in your life. Would you like your windows to keep the sunset from blinding you when you walk in the door? With automated shades from Motion Shading you can control your window treatments from your smartphone as well. Tap a scene or a specific window in the app, and your house is set when you get home.

“Alexa, raise my shades.”

Voice & App Controls

You can make it even easier on yourself as well. It’s a seamless process through the app if you’d prefer to use your Alexa or Google Home device to adjust your shades with a voice command. But, if you want a completely hands-off, set-it-and-forget-it experience with your window treatment automation why not schedule multiple scenes for your day? Allowing our system to follow your preset directions for any time and any day means you’ll never have to tell your shades to raise with the sun again. With scenes and scheduling they simply act; allowing you to concentrate on spending time with your family or simply enjoy your morning coffee while your mind wakes up naturally with the sunrise.

Your Choice

There’s no wrong way to remote control your window treatments. But understanding the types of control and shading is a great place to start building your home or office automation experience. You can wow your guests and clients, or simply have the serenity of a morning made easier with Motion Shading’s variety of options. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have, or schedule a time in our showroom so you can see all of our remote control shading options at work.

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