Scenes and Scheduling

App controls for automated window treatments

As we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post there are multiple ways to control automated window treatments remotely. There are handheld remotes and voice control options which are great solutions. However, smartphone apps are the best of all worlds for your shading system. An app gives you control of your shades from anywhere in the world, but the real power lies in the scenes and scheduling capabilities.


Schedule your shades for each day of the week.

An app also gives you the ability to set a schedule for your shades. This means that you don’t have to actively raise and lower your shades via the app throughout the day. If you enjoy waking up with the sun, use the app to tell your bedroom shades to raise ten minutes before the sun while leaving the rest of them as they are. You can set every day of your week with a new schedule for your shades or you can stick to a regular rhythm. It’s entirely up to you and only requires your input once.  

If you have East and West facing windows you can schedule the East-side shades to be down in the morning and up in the evening. The West-facing shades can also be scheduled to protect from that afternoon sun. Scheduling allows you to set times for individual shades so that you can fully customize your system. There’s no need to put all of your shades on the same schedule unless that’s the best solution for your home.  


Scenes give you customization in a different way. Available in the same app as your scheduling options, scenes allow you to pre-program each window to fit your needs that may not need scheduling. For instance, if you have an impromptu movie night with your family or friends you can simply tap the “Movie” scene you’ve created for such occasions and the shades respond accordingly. Perhaps you would like to enjoy your amazing view from a high-rise atop the city. With a scene built specifically for this purpose, you can tap once on your app to see the beautiful cityscape. 

Set the scene for the mood you’re in.

If you have a multi-story residence you may know the pain of realizing you’ve left some shades open two floors below. Rather than interrupting your nighttime ritual or a movie that you’re in the middle of, you can simply tap the app and the shades will shut. There’s no limit to what you can do with your shading scenes. Set your scene once and it’s available whenever you want. 

Simply put, apps are an incredibly powerful method of controlling your shading system. Scenes and scheduling work great together to meet your needs with minimal effort. If you would like to see automated window treatments working on real windows come to our showroom at 2571 Piedmont Rod NE in Atlanta, GA. You can schedule an appointment with us or drop in between 10 am and 5 pm weekdays or between 10:30 am and 5 pm on Saturdays. We’re here to answer any questions and demonstrate all of the different options for shading and controls.