Types of Window Treatments

Sheer Shades come in 3 Percentages of Light

The Questions 

When it comes to window treatment ideas you can be quickly overwhelmed by the possibilities. That’s why we suggest seeing them in action before deciding. Our showroom introduces clients to the world of window shading options with ease.

We get it. There’s a lot more to this world than you have time to learn. That’s why we’ve filled the need and become window treatment experts. Not only do we know the industry, but we also know how to teach you about it quickly and painlessly so you can make informed decisions. 

3 Main Categories of Window Treatments 

Window treatment ideas usually start with fabrics. Fabrics generally fit into one of three categories. Each category has different characteristics that might make it a perfect fit for one room, and obviously the wrong choice for others.

Block the light for better sleep.
Blackout Shades don’t allow light to pass through them.

1) Blackout shades provide room darkening by completely blocking light from passing through it. You will have light leakage around the sides, but there are ways to mitigate that as well. These are ideal for bedrooms and home theater or media rooms. 

Sheer Shades come in 3 Percentages of Light
Sheer Shades allow 1%, 3%, or 5% of light through the fabric.

2) Sheer shades allow light to pass through them while also providing a view. They are available in multiple opacities with the most common being 5%, 3%, and 1%. These percentages refer to the amount of space left between the weaves. Keep in mind however that 5% means you’ll have 95% of the view blocked by the shade. 3% means you’ll have 97% blocked, and 1% means you’ll have 99% blocked. Sometimes people call sheers “solar shades,” but this doesn’t mean they’re powered by solar energy. It just refers to the fact that they allow light to pass through them while providing UV, heat and light protection.

3) Privacy shades are mean to allow as much light into a room as possible, while still providing full privacy, day or night. These are great shading options for places like your bathroom where you need light without allowing neighbors to see in. 

Manual & Remote Shades 

All of our custom luxury window treatments are available as manual or automated systems.

Remote Controlled Window Shades
Automated window treatments come with a variety of controls to choose from.

1) Manual means you’ll operate your shade functions by hand usually with a chain, string, or tab. We have several options that keep a clean look and potential hazards to a minimum. Some shades use battery power but are still manuals. This is because you have to walk up to the shade to use it.

2) Automated shades are able to be controlled by remotes, apps, and voice controls. Through the app, you can also create schedules and scenes for the shades to move on their own based on time of day, or sunrise/sunset.

Power Options 

Automatic shading systems vary greatly from one manufacturer to another. For power, they can be wired or battery operated. Many times both of these power sources will need to be used on different windows in the same home.

Battery operated shades. Batteries behind fascia.
Battery-powered window treatments for when wires aren’t the best option.

We highly recommend the wired option and we make sure we can hide the wires and plugs behind furniture or through walls. Our nearly 20 years of experience and expertise makes either option a smooth process and keeps your aesthetic immaculate. 

Come See the Options in Action 

Our showroom is open to you Monday through Saturday. You can set up an appointment with us or drop in to see all the options available to you in a functioning environment with real windows! Nothing will ever beat a hands-on experience with a product before you commit to it.

Since we work with both owners and designers don’t hesitate to reach out to us for your window treatment needs. Motion Shading’s sister-company KINETIQ.tech also offers full home automation services such as whole home audio and video, climate control, lighting controls, and acoustic systems that tie into our shading systems. Our personal service and industry expertise is at your disposal no matter the project. We know you by name rather than as a number. Your satisfaction is where our reputation comes from, and with our nearly 20 years in the industry, we’ve curated amazing clients who have great things to say about us. If you’d like to treat yourself to luxury window shades you’ve found the right company. 

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