Multiple Types of Window Treatments in One Home

Multiple Shade Types

Do I Have to Use the Same Window Treatments Throughout My Entire Home?

Battery operated shades. Batteries behind fascia.
Battery-powered window treatments for when wires aren’t the best option.

The short answer is no, it simply that it depends on what you need. It’s important to note that window treatments have quite a few variables. Fabrics come in thousands of options when we talk about designs and colors, but fall under three main categories; Blackout, Sheer, and Privacy which we explain here. Not all mechanisms are created equal, not to mention that the power supply can be wired, or battery operated. Not only do you have choices in these areas, but also in the fascias that house your shades. 

You can have quite a bit of nuance when it comes to the differences between shades. At Motion Shading, we try to give you the best options for each room in your home rather than limiting you to one style or manufacturer. We’ll go over some situations where it might be a good idea to use multiple types of shades in this post. For more in-depth information click on any of the hyperlinks embedded here or reach out to ask!  

Something to Keep in Mind

App controls for automated window treatments
App control for automated window treatments

Regardless of the style or manufacturer, your automated shades can be set with scenes and schedules. However, we don’t usually like to use automated shades from different manufacturers in the same home. The biggest issue with this option would be different apps for different shades within the same home. This isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Within any shading manufacturer’s offerings, you’ll have plenty of options, so you’re not likely to feel limited. We will walk you through all of these options so nothing will blindside you when it comes to your final installation.

Mix Automation and Manual

There’s no requirement to make every shade in your home an automated version. There may be rooms where it’s necessary to have automation such as a bedroom if you’d like room darkening to fall asleep, but you’d also like to rise with the sun. But that doesn’t mean your kitchen has to have the same function. High window shades can be a pain to raise and lower, so they may be ideal for automation while keeping your lower window treatments manual.

Mix Fabric Categories

Sheer Shades come in 3 Percentages of Light
Sheer Shades allow 1%, 3%, or 5% of light through the fabric.

Different fabric categories can be used in the same room as well. If you have skylights it might be good to have blackout shades in them during the day while keeping sheers on your main windows. Don’t forget you can also use dual rollers and shades with liners to give yourself even more options per window. 

Perhaps you’d like to have privacy shades in your bathroom, but not in your living room. If you have small children, you may want to keep an eye on them while they play outside. Placing sheer shades in the rooms facing your yard doesn’t mean you have to have sheer throughout your entire home. There’s no need to treat every room in your home as if it has the same needs. Each is designed for a different purpose and we can help you find the shades that match that purpose.

Worried About Being Mis-Matched?

Don’t be. It’s quite common to have multiple types of shades in a single home. Aesthetically speaking, it is very difficult to tell, if at all, that there are multiple types of shades in a home when looking from the outside. Even within the home, however, you’re not going to regret having different functions in your shades depending on the room. We can complement fabrics and automate window treatments as needed. Remember, we’re automated window shades experts.

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